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Settled is a brand new charity, set up by founder members of the3million to support hard to reach EU citizens in the UK who are at risk of losing their lawful residence status for no fault of their own after Brexit.

Although the application procedure for the Settled Status scheme is straight forward for most, many will still experience difficulties when attempting to apply.

They may have little or no IT skills or no access to a smartphone or computer, for instance, or their ability and confidence in understanding and using English may not sufficient to comprehend the requirements from the Home Office. People in vulnerable situations, such as survivors of domestic abuse or human trafficking, or those experiencing homelessness, may find it difficult to provide proof of residence or produce a valid ID document. 

Elderly and disabled people may need face to face assistance in their own home. These and many more circumstances require dedicated and skilled support and an easy route towards the sources to obtain this.

It's estimated that up to 300,000 people could be at risk. Settled aims to make sure that these EU citizens and their families can have access to the information and the help they need to be able to stay in their own home and continue their lives as before. 

Since its foundation in mid-2019, Settled has been building an ambitious, UK wide network of trained volunteers to find, assist and support many thousands of at-risk EU citizens. We call these volunteers Settled Status Angels and they go out in their community to offer help and advice, often in people’s home language. They will refer complex cases to specialist legal advisors or other support organisations as necessary, to make sure people have the best possible support.

All our services are free and without restrictions, thanks to the support of public institutions. But this covers only part of our operations and we urgently need more resources for the development of the network of Settled Status Angels. Time is running out. Anyone who has not been able to apply successfully to the Settlement Scheme by 30 June 2021 is at risk of losing their home and income and may be considered an illegal resident in the UK. Ultimately, this could lead to their removal from this country.

Please donate what you can. All money received will go straight towards facilitating and coordinating the work of the volunteer network and the travel expenses of the volunteers. This will help Settled to do all it can to make sure no one will be at risk of losing their right to reside in the UK.

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